A hard fork has taken place on the Bitcoin Cash network, resulting in the creation of two separate coins: Bitcoin ABC (BCHABC) and Bitcoin SV (BCHSV).

The hard fork was activated 18:02 UTC on Thursday, November 15, on block 556,766 that was mined by SVPool and became the last block for Bitcoin Cash. The first Bitcoin ABC block was added by Bitcoin.com pool, and minutes later Mempool mined the first Bitcoin SV block, confirming the fork.

The implementation put out by leading Bitcoin Cash developer group Bitcoin ABC introduces a series of technical upgrades to the network, including a reordering of transactions to increase block capacity as well as additional code to support greater interoperability between cryptocurrencies.

The other implementation, dubbed Bitcoin “Satoshi’s Vision” (Bitcoin SV), rejects these changes to instead restore retired code from the original Bitcoin protocol and increases the block size from 32 MB to 128 MB.

In the build-up to the hard fork, threats of chain sabotage by avid Bitcoin SV supporter Craig Wright suggested the potential use of hash power to mine both a Bitcoin SV chain and create empty blocks on an opposing Bitcoin ABC chain, which could fatally damage operations on the opposing network.

At the same time, Roger Ver, one of the main proponents of the Bitcoin ABC implementation, said just before the hard fork that his Bitcoin.com mining pool had sent significant amounts of hash rate to support the BCHABC chain.

Nevertheless, immediately after the Bitcoin Cash hard fork activation, ABC Network suffered spam attack when the blocks on its chain started filling up with meaninglessly small transactions, CCN reported. The method of attack seemed to be repeatedly sending transactions between the same addresses. This address, for instance, received 500 of the earliest spam transactions. It then appeared to send transactions to itself.

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