By CCN: Let me start by saying I’m undecided on the issue of blockchain scaling. I think both camps make valid points. The day that Bitcoin Cash launched was the logical resolution of a drawn-out war which would never have ended otherwise.

Tone Vays Can’t Make Up His Mind

That being said, I watched this debate between Roger Ver, one of the earliest angel investors in bitcoin, and Tone Vays, a bitcoin personality, and I felt like I was watching a professor debate a teenager.

Ver may be a hyperactive personality who occasionally alludes to Bitcoin Cash as being “a version of Bitcoin” (a semi-acceptable stance given that they largely share the same transaction history and most properties), but he does know what he’s talking about.

On the other hand, Vays claimed that he uses Bitcoin every day and frequently pays just five cents to send transactions.

This doesn’t stand up to reality.

You will pay less than a cent to send a transaction on Bitcoin Cash. It’s one way to save money when you’re exiting an exchange. In a previous era, you could use Litecoin for the same purpose. But in a previous era, average fees on Bitcoin did not range over $1.

When we say “average fees” here, we refer to fees spent to get a transaction included as intended – as soon as possible. Nobody uses digital currency because they want the recipient to wait hours or days to receive it. The instant settlement of crypto payments is one of many value propositions.

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