IBM’s $1 Million Bitcoin Bull Mysteriously Exits Tech Giant as Global Blockchain Lead

By CCN: IBM’s head of blockchain Jesse Lund has reportedly left the company. Lund previously predicted the Bitcoin price could hit $1 million within our lifetime, citing the scarcity and growth of interest in the space.

Jesse Lund’s Still Optimistic about Blockchain Payments

Lund told Coindesk that he is “still optimistic” about blockchain as a payments platform. He helped create the IBM World Wire platform in partnership with Stellar, which has so far made numerous in-roads with notable banks.

He stated:

“Yes, I’ve left IBM but am still optimistic about payments innovation using Blockchain.”

IBM is one of many companies working on cross-border payment solutions for banks and financial institutions. Lund had previously been part of R3, a consortium of banks like Wells Fargo (where he was previously employed), which picked up Mike Hearn after he quit Bitcoin development.

Lund or IBM gave no explanation for his exit.

Bitcoin has recently been bullish. Interest in blockchain is returning.


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