I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that what the National Enquirer did to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is far more embarrassing than violating the 7th Commandment — or having a penis in the first place.

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Exposes [David] Pecker

Bezos says the National Enquirer threatened to publish his “d*ck pick” if he didn’t issue a public statement vouchsafing the National Enquirer’s journalistic objectivity.

Which seems absolutely insane to me.

Not just the blackmail part. The fact that the National Enquirer is worried about whether anyone considers them to be politically objective or not.

You’re a supermarket tabloid that profits off publishing salacious stories that out people’s private affairs. No one cares if you’re politically objective or not.

While Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’ Green New Deal is violating everyone else’s freedoms in this country, it should ban the National Enquirer too, as a complete waste of this planet’s most precious resource. (Not trees. Human brain power.)

Actually, AMI, the company that owns the Enquirer, wasn’t worried about its reputation.

As it certainly never has been.

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