It’s one thing to preach “not your keys, not your coin.” It’s another thing to help fix the problem. ShapeShift has spent the last year, according to a blog post from them, building a product that does exactly that without making it difficult for the user. Or so they say.

Eating Your Own Dog Food

If you were in the crypto space near the end of 2014, you heard of ShapeShift.

The fledgling semi-instant exchange sponsored nearly every crypto site and podcast out there and continues to play a profound role in the wider crypto community.

In the meantime, ShapeShift became a widely used solution to move between cryptocurrencies quickly.

While at first ShapeShift fought the notion of KYC or know-your-customer laws, eventually they caved. Today, the only way to use the service is to have a verified account.

It’s the difference between a fast-food drive-thru and an upscale restaurant, in speed.

This creates an obvious advantage for less scrupulous exchanges to crop up and fill the demand for anonymous swaps.

All centralized exchanges will eventually expire as decentralized options become more and more user-friendly.

There’s a solution in progress for virtually everything.

If you wanted a decentralized exchange to get liquidity for Ethereum from bitcoin, for example, you could create an on-ramp to lock bitcoin on Ethereum, or vice versa, using Wanchain.

Wanchain aims to act as a hub between multiple chains, and other cross-chain options are likely to emerge as well.

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