Toy Story Just Had Its #MeToo Moment

The latest version of Toy Story 2, first released in 1999, is missing a beloved fake blooper scene at the end. Fans noticed that when the 4K edition came out earlier this year, there was something missing: Stinky Pete’s casting couch.

Take a Walk Stinky Pete, You’re Not Welcome in Post-#MeToo Toy Story

All four installments of Toy Story have featured made-up “bloopers” at the end of the movie. A blooper is an outtake or a mistake in the filming of a movie, usually comedic in nature.

Toy Story 2 originally featured a blooper with Stinky Pete hitting on a pair of identical twin Barbie dolls. As seen below, when he notices the camera is around, he snaps back to good behavior.


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