Why Apple Stock Remains a Raging Buy

There is needless controversy over whether or not Apple is a stock to be held for the long term. While valid concerns do exist, the core fundamentals that made Apple investable 20 years ago haven’t changed.

Apple: Simplicity Trumps Everything

That’s true even though Steve Jobs is gone. Because he didn’t just create a company culture, he built a consumer culture. Apple was and still is – for the most part – all about one thing: simplicity.

Advancements in technology have complicated this mission to a certain degree, but Tim Cook maintained Jobs’ legacy in keeping Apple products intuitive and easy to use. When something goes wrong, it’s usually easy to fix.

Nobody can say that a PC problem is easy to fix. They are the devil’s gift to consumers.

Yet as devices grew more complicated, Apple didn’t just let it happen. What began as a brilliant store experience to shop and sell products also became a central hub for generating repair revenue.


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